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Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy, or suction cup therapy as its also known, is an ancient method that I use to help my patients manage the pain caused by various conditions including – arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis; back, neck and knee pain; carpal tunnel syndrome; headaches and migraines; and high blood pressure.

I use the dry cupping technique which means suction is applied to the skin for several minutes, this draws the skin up into the cup. I use silicone cups in my sessions.

Cupping causes fluid to be drawn to the treated area. The force of the suction causes tiny capillaries in the skin to break, as a result the body sends blood to these ‘injured’ areas stimulating its natural healing process. This healing process really helps my patients manage their pain.

Cupping leaves temporary marks on the skin which may look bruised. All marks should fade within a week or two.


Dry Needling Therapy

I use dry needling to help alleviate muscular pain in my patients. It is a modern method of pain management that is growing in popularity. The sterilised filiform needles I use are fine, short steel needles that don’t inject fluid, hence the term ‘dry’ needling.

I use the needles to stimulate the body’s trigger points in knotted and tense muscles. The needle helps to release the knot, relieving muscle pain. The needles remain in the skin for a short period of time to ensure they have a chance to work fully. I can also activate the needles using various methods at which point the patient may feel a deep sensation which is normally a good sign of the needles working alongside some muscle twitches.

Dry needling not only provides relief from muscular pain, it can also improve flexibility by reducing muscle spasms and knotting, improving a person’s range of motion.

Mild side effects can include bruising, slight soreness, and slight bleeding, but these are all temporary. Most of my patients have none of these side-affects and find the process relaxing as their tense muscles relax and spasms are greatly reduced or disappear altogether. Dry needling is great for treating sports people and those with muscle pain including fibromyalgia.  

Customer Testimonials

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Professional, smart, clean, approachable, considerate.

Sandra listened to me, asked several questions, was interested in the history of myself and my wider family (it all contributes!) and then proceeded to assess what was required and what she recommends we do as a course of treatment.

Cannot recommend Sandra enough, she is fantastic, she has extensive knowledge, and fixed the issue that I had.
I have also attended one of the reformer pilates classes which was so much fun, I will definitely be back!

I was suffering with severe tennis elbow from crocheting, I could barely use my arm to write, crochet or use a knife. Sandra treated me using massage and acupuncture. This did the trick, the twinges have stopped and the severe pain has not returned. I am back to crocheting, writing and day to day activities comfortably.

Very thankful for the treatment, I would HIGHLY recommend.

I’ve been treated by Sandra for around 7 years & she somehow puts my broken body back together on every visit.
She’s a magician as well as a bloody good osteopath

Thank you very much for your professional osteopathy treatment. I felt very comfortable and pleased to have taken this course of action. See you again next week.

The clinic was bright, very clean and thankfully nice and cool. Super friendly, kind and understanding of the situation. My treatment was very thorough and I feel she did everything she could to release the tension in my neck. There was some soreness afterwards which was expected but I noticed in the evening that it felt so much better. I even got some sleep for the first time in nearly a week. I will be going back for follow ups as my problem is definitely not a quick fix but I’m amazed at how much better it feels to be honest! Huge thank you to the clinic and I highly recommend!

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